2. averymonsen:

    I think we can all agree that the world is a better place now that I made this.

    (Puts head in hands and softly weeps.)

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  3. The Microsoft Surface

    My issues with the new Microsoft Surface include:

    • No price, battery life, or release date has mentioned
    • 2 Separate versions, which look nearly identical but run different OS’s. Way to confuse potential consumers. It seems Microsoft loves multiple options to throw at new products. I wish they kept it simple. Ship the best, not the best and the cheapest version.
    • The site for the thing. I guess the budget was blown on the video?
    • Why call it Surface? Isn’t there already a touchscreen product called Surface?
  4. Chiptune Hero

    Free iPad game idea. Guitar Hero, but for 8/16bit video game music. Small keyboard, pitch modulator. It would be awesome and I would buy all the Megaman DLC.

    If you don’t want to make a game, just make an awesome simplified chiptune creator. Current software is not that intuitive and I would love to see something similar to Propellerhead’s Figure.

  5. Summer hack plans

    Projects on the agenda this summer include.

    Wifi/Twilio integrated smoke alarm - creates an adhoc wireless network, setup to join your existing network, as well as location and who to notify when alarm/low battery signal goes off. I have taken apart a couple smoke detectors that I think it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hardware part of this down at least. I’ll have to hit up some quality nerds for the backend I’m sure.

    Color descriptor App - I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with the headphone jack as a means of input for data and I think I’ve found it. Using an RGB sensor, I plan on reading the color of an object in and outputting the word on the screen as well as speak it. This should be great for children learning colors as well as the visually impaired.

    Leap Motion Experimentation - I wish I could get one of those things to fool around with. I think it would take up all of my free time. The lack of latency on the thing looks amazing. It’s been my one complaint with the kinect. 

  6. Github for Recipes

    Someone make it please?


  7. Start making something useful

    The design community in general seems to be very inwardly focused. Many of the problems we try to “solve” are those we ourselves create and like talking about. For example, the world really doesn’t need a new photo sharing app. I think we can move on to something else.

    We should all start trying to make things better for the normal people. Not designers or those that love advertising. With sites like Facebook having such a huge captive community of the world, it seems like a great opportunity to make their lives better while they are there. 

  8. The slow death of Flickr

    Great article on how Yahoo killed Flickr.

    I originally started using flickr as another form of backup for photos. It was quick, would save my camera settings, and be easily sorted/shared with friends. Simple. The main problem with flickr is that it never really evolved. Aside from the slick uploader, the rest of the site remained unchanged for years. 

    I find myself wanting to leave flickr for some other alternative, like 500px but I feel locked in. I’ve been using it for years and apps like Instagram leave me with no other alternative but facebook. 

    I hope as online storage gets cheaper, a new competitor comes around.

  9. If not the whole head, how about an ear?

    It looks like we have some confirmation of Apple debuting a new Maps in iOS 5 that will supposedly “blow your head off”. Oh hyperbole, how I love you.

    *fingers crossed*

  10. So now that Facebook has bought Instagram

    Will Google buy Viddy? Seems like a logical acquisition.